Ben Comic Graphics

I'm Ben Carver, a web designer and illustrator in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area looking for the next big thing.

What I Can Do

My passion is in web design, specifically using modern web tools like CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery, as well as modern CMS's like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. I've been doing web design since 2005, always looking for the best way to minimize my code. I also have a love for email design and illustrations. Overall, I love most forms of digital art, preferring modern clean, flat design aesthetics and responsive web and email design.

Work I've Done

I've worked in email design for the hospitality industry for Digital Alchemy for a cumulative five years, both as an employee and an outside consultant. I've also done email design work for GameStop Corporate, under contract for over 8 months as well as for other corporate clients like Steak'n'Shake. I've also done illustration work for many various freelance clients in the past and am always willing to work with new clients.

Interested In Seeing What I Can Do For You?

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